3 August 2022

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Sometimes when we feel that our joints hurt and even swelled up, we would think that it is because of the aging of our joints that causes the pain. However, did you know that joint pain may also be caused by gout?

Gout is commonly caused by high uric acid levels and uric acid is produced through the metabolism of purine. That is the reason why PhytoFairy suggested cutting down the consumption of food that is high in purine.

Or maybe, you might hear people say: “Do not eat beans based foods, they will increase the uric acid levels!” However, is this true? Today, PhytoFairy will explain to you whether bean products will lead to high uric acid levels and resulting in gout. Let us find out!

First, we need to understand how uric acid is produced. As we ingest the food, our body will carry out metabolism and convert the purine in foods into uric acid. Meats, seafoods, internal organs and alcohol are the foods that contain large amounts of purine.

In normal circumstances, the uric acid in our body will be discharged out of our body through the urine produced by the kidney. If our kidney function is being abnormal or the uric acid level is too high, the condition of high uric acid level will eventually lead to hyperuricemia, as well as increasing the risk of gout.

The condition of gout refers to the symptom of joint pain, owing to the abnormal metabolism of purine in our body that leads to hyperuricemia. It causes the uric acid sodium salt to be clustering around our joints and forming crystallization, leading to swollen and deformed joints.

Big toe is the most common joint being attacked by gout. Around 50% of individuals first experience gout at their big toe. It is important to keep in mind that individuals having high uric acid levels do not necessarily face the problem of gout, however, high uric acid levels may indeed increase the risk of gout!

What about the question we mentioned earlier? Do beans cause high uric acid levels? Well, soybean is in fact considered as a food high in purine, but please wait before you throw away the soy products in your house!

Many researchers have pointed out that plant-based foods, such as soybean milk, tofu and dried tofu will not increase the risk of gout, therefore we may consume it in moderation with no worries.

Soybeans and peas are both quality sources of plant-based protein, besides containing soybeans and peas, PhytoNutri also comes with 21 types of beans and grains, helping you to acquire sufficient protein intake which is free from trans-fat.

Individuals suffering from high uric acid levels are commonly middle-aged and elderly, as well as those who have adapted to alcohol drinking, lavish eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle and the condition of metabolic syndrome. If you are having high uric acid levels before middle-age, it might be due to your own health and genetic factors.

However, do not worry even if you are experiencing hyperuricemia, we may try to lower our uric acid levels by improving our eating habits and doing more exercises. Having insufficient water intake may also be one of the reasons that cause high uric acid levels, therefore, remember to drink more water so that uric acid can be discharged out of the body through urine.

Of course, if you are facing hyperuricemia or even are a chronic disease patient, you may seek advice from your doctor or nutritionist to practice healthier eating habits.