29 December 2021

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Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride? In a one-horse open sleigh, hey!

The warmest Christmas of the year is coming again. Are you ready? Christmas parties are indispensable for Christmas. The most anticipated part is definitely the exchange of gifts during the party, right?

Now that the Christmas party has been arranged, it must be a time for gatherings with family and friends. But recently we have had to wear a mask for a long time when going out, and our skin is prone to acne. What can we do?

In many cases, unhealthy skin is caused by taking wrong steps in the skin care routine. Follow PhytoFairy’s skin beautifying tips to avoid the blind spot in skin care, and you will be able to enjoy this Christmas beautifully!

Mistake 1: No makeup remover needed if zero makeup

Many people think that only those with makeup need makeup removal, but many people do not know that the first step in a complete skin care routine should start off with makeup removal.

The air contains pollutants, and if the oil and sweat secreted by the skin are not properly cleaned, the skin will be prone to acne.

Proper demonstration: Regardless of whether you have makeup or sunscreen on your face, you need to have makeup removal and wash your face at night before going to bed.

Mistake 2: No handwashing before washing face

Most people just simply wet their hands before washing their face.

Now take a moment to rewind, your hands may have been in contact with mobile phones, banknotes, or various surfaces. Bacteria, dirt, and oil on these surfaces can be transferred to the skin through your hands. This may be one of the reasons for skin acne and inflammation.

Proper demonstration: We should wash your hands with soap first before cleaning your face.

Mistake 3: Wipe your face with a towel

Some surfaces of the towels are coarse and will cause friction during the process of wiping your face, which can easily cause the skin to lose elasticity over time, and it is also easy to induce skin sensitivity for people with more sensitive skin.

Proper demonstration: Choose a pure cotton soft facial towel and dry your face by pressing.

Mistake 4: Apply toner directly on the face

Usually, we would apply toner on the palm of our hand and apply it directly to our face. If your hands are not cleansed properly, the skin will be contaminated once again and the following skin care routine will be affected.

Proper demonstration: Pour an appropriate amount of toner on a cotton pad, and gently apply it on the face in the direction from inwards to outwards and from bottom to top. This method has the effect of deep cleaning too.

Mistake 5: Apply cream directly on your face

Although facial creams generally have moisturizing effects, they are too heavy on the face, which might block the skin from breathing and resulting dull looking skin.

Proper demonstration: Before applying the cream on your face, use the heat of your palm to emulsify the cream (make sure your hands are clean), and then gently apply it onto your face to avoid excessive stretch on the skin.

Other than having the correct skin care routine, remember to select the skin care products that are made up of natural ingredients, non-irritating and harmless to health. We recommend you PhytoLab Skincare Essential Series.

PhytoLab Skincare Essential Series is one of the best gifts to accompany you through the beautiful Christmas. Wish everyone a healthy and safe Christmas this year~