28 July 2021

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Mouth ulcers, which is also known as aphthae, is an ulcerative disease that occurs in the oral mucosa. While we are eating, drinking, brushing teeth and even talking, we may suffer from great discomfort and burning sensation if the affected area is touched. Some people may also encounter the same condition repeatedly.

Why would mouth ulcers occur? The most common reason is due to severe pathological changes, followed by deficiency of certain vitamin and mineral intakes. Pathological changes such as diabetes, anaemia and low immunity may lead to poor performances in defeating fungus and virus infection, thus, the frequent happening of mouth ulcers.

However, did you know? Another reason that causes mouth ulcers might actually be the inadequacy of iron and vitamin B.

A research shows that mouth ulcer patients have two times lower iron levels than that of normal people. In another research, we find that approximately 28% of people who suffer from mouth ulcers lack vitamin B1, B2 and B6. For those who have recurrent ulcers, their vitamin B12 levels are significantly much lower.

First, how do we take in sufficient iron? People used to say pork liver is incredibly high in iron and is able to replenish our blood health. Let me tell you the truth, the iron content is 7 times higher in black fungus than that in the pork liver! Other foods rich in iron also include beans, dark leafy vegetables, nuts and whole grains.

Besides that, if you wish to fully absorb the iron content, it is great to consume more vitamin C rich foods as well. For instance, kiwi, guava, grape, apple, orange and other fruits.

And here is another thing, you may as well wait for another 60 minutes after having a meal if you plan to have a cup of tea or coffee. It is because tea and coffee would reduce the absorbability of your body to take in iron properly.

So, from where should we acquire vitamin B?

Vitamin B intakes usually come from wholewheat foods, eggs, milk, beans, greens, high starch vegetables, nuts and others. These foods are well recommended and healthy for consumption.

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