2 June 2021

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As we opened our eyes while waking up from our sleep, we probably know how our mood and state for the rest of the day are going to be like. Do you believe it? After waking up, what do we commonly do? Looking at our phones? Or, rushing for work? Perhaps, this has become a routine for our society these days.

But, a beautiful day must always begin with a beautiful morning. Morning is equally important to us as what we normally do in the morning may contribute to the quality of our day and our health. Thus, it is very important to make good use of the golden hour and do something great for our health.

1. Allow yourself to sleep in for another 5 minutes

Don’t get out of your bed hastily as you just woke up, allow your body to stay in bed for another good 5 minutes. Waking up, our organs still remain in a state of regaining consciousness. If we got out of bed too quickly, we might feel faint, headache and other discomforts.

Meanwhile, you may gently move your limbs and stretch your body to help in blood circulation and your body may become more awake. Besides that, you may also gently massage your head, face and neck. This may bring beauty benefits and even help to relieve the oedema condition.

2. Drink a glass of warm water

After a whole night of sleep, our body hasn’t consume a single drop of water. Besides that, people nowadays often stay in air conditioned rooms, our bodies may become dehydrated in the morning. Having a glass of warm water in the morning may help replenish the water that had been lost and help regulate the gastric acid, as well as stimulating our digestive system and our body absorption, so that our bowel movement may become smoother.

3. Develop a biological clock for defecation

It is a good habit to defecate in the morning. As the foods were slowly digested and stayed in our body during sleep, the accumulation will probably create a huge burden to our gastrointestinal function if we do not discharge the faeces in time.

However, there is no need to force yourself if you do not feel the need to defecate. Defecation in the morning can be gradually developed as a habit, so it is unnecessary to put extra pressure to your bowel movement.

4. Feel the morning sunlight

As you are wide awake, you may turn off the air conditioner and let the morning sunlight and fresh air draw in. The human body may obtain natural Vitamin D through the morning light. Other than that, opening your window for about 30 minutes a day can also provide better air circulation in your room.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast

A wholesome breakfast commonly includes 4 types of food: grains (whole grains toast, oats, corn), protein (eggs, fish, beans), dairy products (milk, cheese) and fruits. It is crucial to eat healthily while having your breakfast, a breakfast rich in nutrients lets us gain more energy and eventually helps improve our performance.

6. Always give yourself a smile

Before starting your day, remember to give yourself a smile. Facing our own reflection in the mirror, it is essential to encourage ourselves with some motivational support and always be inspired by the positive energy. Let the strength be our companion for whatever challenges that may come in the day!