15 December 2021

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Christmas is just around the corner! How do you plan to spend the last month of 2021? The epidemic now seems to be relatively stable, but at this time another new variant virus, Omicron, appeared.

Although we get along with the virus for about two years, it is common to see that everyone has become more insensitive towards the virus! Therefore, PhytoFairy would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to raise their guard against the virus again!

Of course, it doesn’t mean that we should live in fear, but we must take care of our personal hygiene. The correct way of washing hands is very important, because other than saliva, hands are the most likely medium to transmit germs.

For example, we receive the parcel with our bare hands, then rub our eyes; cover our mouth when sneezing and make the payment with cash. These actions could spread the germs to others or we may be infected by others. Therefore, we must practice the habit of washing hands at all times to protect ourselves and others.

There are five steps to wash your hands correctly. Come repeat after me: wet, rub, rinse, hold, wipe~

Wet: It means that, first, we wet our hands with clean water, and then use hand wash.

Rub: Rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds, start from the palms and to the back of the hands and not to forget our fingers as well!

Rinse: Rinse out the foam from your hands with clean water.

Hold: Hold the water to rinse the faucet clean.

Wipe: Take out the paper towel and dry your hands, then use the paper towel to pad your hands to turn off the faucet.

If we missed any of the steps, then our hands may be washed for nothing! Remember to wash or disinfect your hands well especially when you enter and exit any restaurant as you attend gatherings with family and friends!

In fact, it is not just going in and out of any place, but you need to wash your hands well after using the toilet, sneezing, handling food waste as well as carrying out other activities.

In addition to washing hands, with the combination of chlorophyll and colostrum, it can help us to strengthen our body and maintain our immunity. With a strong immune legion in our body, we can have extra protection!

In this epidemic, we need to wear masks when going out and even when doing exercises. It is already difficult for our skin to breathe, only through skin care products with a lighter texture and non-sticky texture, we can have the best care for our delicate skin. With that being said, PHHP PhytoLab skin care series may be your good choice!