7 July 2021

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Are you facing the troubles of bad breath? Even if you brush your teeth every day, there’s still an unpleasant smell in your mouth. Not only does it affect your confidence, it can also influence your interpersonal relationship. However beautiful you look on the outside, as soon as you open your mouth, it could really turn the situation the other way around. Slowly, you’d even become unwelcome by those around you.

Having bad breath is a very common oral disease. To relieve the problem, we need to find the actual causes of this problem so that we can effect a radical cure.

Residues in Mouth

The food residues would frequently get stuck between our teeth. Without proper cleaning after some time, the remains will begin to be fermented and cause the foul smell in the oral cavity. It can be improved with some healthy hygiene habits. Remember to brush your teeth every day and night, as well as using dental floss to remove the remains between teeth before brushing your teeth at night.

When you’re brushing your teeth, don’t forget to brush the parts other than your teeth, especially your tongue because there are many small particles on the tongue which are often left with small bacteria or remains, which could later cause the smell. Moreover, once we finish our meal, we ought to have the habit of gargling, and have an oral checkup annually.

Oral Diseases

Periodontal disease, inflamed gums and other related conditions are the typical oral diseases. As there is inflammation in our oral cavity, there will be secretions produced which could destroy the balanced ecosystem of bacteria in the oral cavity and lead to the formation of smell. This is a temporary condition, as soon as the inflammation is relieved, the unpleasant smell may be removed.

Weaker Digestive Functions

Digestive problems are one of the crucial factors that lead to bad breath. To solve the bad breath problem, improving our digestive system is one of the basis. Whenever our digestive functions decrease, the ability of our digestion and metabolism to process the foods gets weaker, it may cause the harmful substances to accumulate in our intestine and cannot be expelled properly.

The food residues stored in our intestines will be decomposed and fermented by the bacteria, producing bad gases. These gases may be discharged through the oral cavity and form bad breath.

It is advisable that we eat more high fiber foods to stimulate our gastrointestinal mobility so that the time of food residues being stored in our body can be shortened. In our diets, we should cut down the consumption of spicy foods to lower the stimulation towards our stomach. Furthermore, we can also choose to consume natural enzymes and probiotics in order to better our digestive system.

Living and Eating Habits

Always eating onions, garlics, asparagus, durians and other foods with strong and pungent smells may cause temporary bad breath. Besides that, those who smoke and drink frequently may have bad breath too.

After smoking, there will be a strong tobacco smell left in the oral cavity; as we drink, there could be fermented alcohol smell in the mouth. Whenever you’re in these situations, you may try to clean your mouth by gargling with salt water, mouthwash or by drinking tea, for instance, green tea, mint tea or other relevant choices to relieve the bad breath.

Physiological Bad Breath

Whenever we have stayed up late or have insufficient sleep, and if we have body heatiness, it is easy to suffer from dry lips and a parched mouth. Another thing is that, when we reach a certain age, our physical state inevitably starts to depreciate, our saliva production will gradually decrease and so does the ability of our oral cavity to cleanse itself. Therefore, it could also lead to the condition of bad breath.

If you really want to get rid of the embarrassing bad breath, you have to find the real cause that is affecting your breath and follow the right remedy that could help improve your condition.

Trying to eliminate bad breath aimlessly by eating sweets and bubble gums is not the ultimate solution. We should make a proper adjustment in our hygiene, living and eating habits to achieve the best result!