PHI was established in 2006 and set up its first GMP factory in Desa Cemerlang, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

PHI stands for “Phyto Herbal Industries” Manufacturing. Phyto means "plant-based" or derived from natural which also speaks for our direction of manufacturing quality and natural products that are beneficial to consumers.

In 2012, PHI expanded its manufacturing facilities and set up the second PHI plant to cater to more production lines and various forms of products.

PHI is committed to the most stringent quality standards and food safety procedures to ensure our consumers are able to enjoy healthy foods with the highest assurance. To achieve this commitment, we exercise stringent controls starting from vendor selection procedures right up to the delivery of goods to our customers.

All productions in PHI take place in a Clean Room environment which observes the stringent hygiene standards complied with controlled temperature and humidity at all times. Meanwhile, waters used in the production are also properly filtered and sterilised.

Warehousing and Storage: PHI controls the storage conditions of our ingredients to ensure its freshness with stringent temperature and humidity monitoring procedures.

Laboratory: All ingredients and finished goods are adequately tested in our in-house laboratory to ensure its highest quality and safety.

PHI manufacturing facilities have been proven to meet international quality standards. PHI is certified with Good Manufacturing Practice standards (GMP) by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency of Malaysia (NPRA), ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and HACCP System as well as certified Halal by Malaysia Halal Authority (JAKIM).

PHI Facilities:

- Sachet Powder Filling

- Encapsulating

- Liquid Filling

- Research and Development

PHI has a professional and dedicated Management Team, Quality Assurance Team and Production Team to ensure the efficient and quality operations.

To ensure PHI's social responsibility towards environmental sustainability, PHI operational team also complies with the Department of Environment of Malaysia, especially in waste handling as well as air pollution controls.