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PhytoLab Scalp Massager

Product Description

PhytoLab Scalp Massager comfortably stimulates and gently exfoliates your scalp for healthier scalp and hair.

Cleanse Hair Follicles

Its high-quality bristles are specially designed to remove dirt and residue from the scalp, creating an ideal environment for healthier hair growth. Suitable for those who have sharp or short nails and have manicure done.

Promote Scalp Blood Circulation

Massage your scalp regularly can stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and promotes nutrient absorption deep into the hair root, which may help to increase healthy hair growth.

Baby Pacifier Material Bristles

The premium silicone bristles (Baby pacifier material) offer a relaxing massage to help relax and revitalise your scalp when shampooing. Regular use can help reduce stress and promote better sleep.

Direction of Use

After applying PhytoLab Healthy Scalp HOPS shampoo to your soaked hair, gently massage your scalp with PhytoLab Scalp Massager for 3-5 minutes in small circular motions.

Product Details

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