07 OCTOBER 2020

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What Are Sub-health Conditions? What Can You Do?

Although some sub-health conditions are not taken into account as serious illnesses, it is still affecting our life.

Some people often feel dizziness. While facing the computer after long hours in the office, people feel a sense of spinning when they get up from their seats. Especially females when they are having periods, the problems might become worse. They might experience coldness, dizziness, a tallow-faced complexion and feel lethargic. After seeking medical advice from the doctor, only then they are aware that these are the symptoms of low hemoglobin count.

Sub-health conditions are not harmful and dangerous, they are commonly regarded as the minor issues of our body health. However, ignoring or neglecting the sub-health conditions in your body and not taking any suitable measures in time could eventually cause a huge problem, it could affect your daily life and even drag you into a serious health danger.

Now, PhytoFairy will introduce to you a natural and healthy herbal ingredient - Chlorophyll!

What Is Chlorophyll?

Back in the days when we learned science in our primary school, we learned that green plants and algae need sunlight to carry out photosynthesis. The most unique thing about chlorophyll is its similar structure that resembles human red blood cells. The one and only difference lie in its centre - the iron ion in the red blood cells, the magnesium ion in the chlorophyll. Therefore, chlorophyll has long been known as the “Green Blood”.

Chlorophyll Is Almost Everywhere
But Human Body Takes In Less

In 1817, a scientist in France called Dr Pelletier discovered chlorophyll in green plants. In another word, humans can take in chlorophyll everyday if we eat green vegetables daily.

But the problem is, chlorophyll cannot withstand the heat, the nutrients will be destroyed and lost during the process of high heat cooking. Besides that, the human body cannot absorb chlorophyll directly, it needs technology extraction to convert it into the chlorophyll that can be consumed by the human body so that we can fully absorb its nutrients.