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PHHP has been awarded:

The Consumer’s Choice Award 2021

Congratulations to PHHP for being awarded The Consumer’s Choice Award 2021 with Phytosophy Imu-Max Colostrum!

The Consumer’s Choice Award (CCA) is organised by the National Consumer Action Council (MTPN) to establish and promote businesses that exemplify superior customer services, integrity and professionalism, as well as helping consumers across Malaysia to make better purchase decisions and choose the best products.

Immunity — the first line of defence for our health protection. Immune system is the natural defence mechanism in the human body, which is responsible for preventing the human body from getting diseases and infections, besides regulating the conditions of inflammation. Colostrum is the milk secreted by mother cows within the first three days of postpartum, which is also considered as the essence of milk.

PHHP Imu-Max Colostrum is rich in bovine colostrum, vitamin C and beta-carotene, helping to build a stronger body and protecting us against harmful substances.

PHHP Imu-Max Colostrum, Best Choice for Your Immunity!