9 November 2022

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Have you ever asked yourself: “Should I take health supplements?”, besides what PhytoFairy has always been mentioning about, we need to have a clear understanding towards the products, there are still other important things we ought to know before choosing the products!

A Conversation with Yourself

Firstly, we may ask ourselves why would we need to choose to use a health supplement? For example:

Our neighbor is renovating their house recently. Other than the increasing amount of dust, the secondhand smoke coming from the workers makes me feel quite uncomfortable. So, I am thinking of taking PhytoRespi to help relieve my respiratory discomforts.

Or maybe, there are times when I was doing exercises, I felt that my knees were in pain and it was hard for me to walk comfortably. I wish to take PhytoFlex to ease down the discomforts in my joints.

So how do we consume PhytoRespi and PhytoFlex?

Take once or twice a day, one sachet every time.

Also, PhytoFairy has sorted out some important points so that it could be taken as our directions:

3 Do’s 1 Don’t

  • Be Clear - The labeled information on the packaging is clear and correct.

  • Be Regular - Taking the products regularly in order to achieve an effective result!

  • Be Moderate - Taking the products moderately according to the suggested amount.

  • Do not follow blindly - Choose the products that are suitable to your body needs and health conditions.

Of course, we should not overlook the condition of the storage environment.

Storage Conditions:

  • Keep the products in dry, cool places to avoid direct sunlight.

  • Once the aloe vera juice and chlorophyll are opened, be sure that you finish the products within a month.

  • Pay attention to the best before date on the product packaging, once the product is expired, we should not be using the product anymore!