27 January 2021

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Beauty, A Tender Heart Is All It Takes

Did you know that many insignificant habits in our life could easily affect our health and skin without us even knowing it?

Wishing for beautiful skin requires some effort to make the right decision, particularly choosing the safe and effective skincare products. However, it also depends on ourselves to practice a quality daily routine.

Now, PhytoFairy is going to share with you some great tips to take care of your skin!

A Beauty Sleep Once A Day

Good sleep not only relieves your tiredness and exhaustion, but it also helps to relieve your body and delay the ageing of your skin. Deep sleep helps you even more by giving you the golden hour to restore and refresh your skin health.

Burning the midnight oil and having insufficient sleep will lead to dark circles and eye bags. When our eyes are worn out, our blood circulation will slow down and it will cause a pallid appearance underneath our eyes.

It is suggested that we sleep at 11 o’clock every night and have eight hours of sleep each day so that we can have a beauty sleep for better health.

Moderate Intakes of Sweets

A research by an anti-ageing expert in England has concluded that excessive amounts of sweets intake not only increase our body weight but also bring detrimental results to our skin and cause premature ageing problems.

Taking too much sugar in our diets could lead to the unhealthy integration of glucose molecules and protein in collagen. It will stimulate a situation called glycation which hardens the elastic fibers in our skin layers and eventually forming wrinkles and spots.

Therefore, we can choose to eat foods that contain a lower glycemic index. For instance, vegetables, whole grains, beans and others.

Practice Good Hygiene

It is necessary to change your personal items much often, especially towels and pillowcases. Our facial skin is always having close contact with our towels and pillowcases everyday, the sebum and secretions on our face could easily become the breeding ground of the bacteria. For a much longer time, it will cause sensitive skin and pimples.

PhytoFairy suggests changing our towels everyday and washing our pillowcases at least once a week to prevent the bacteria from staying on the towels and pillowcases.

Be Positive

Our mood and emotions are having a very close relationship with our health. Settling down in a bad emotion for too long not only affects your overall wellbeing but also acts on your skin and beauty health. If you want to have healthy skin, it is important to have a positive attitude in life.

Move Around, Having Exercise!

Don't forget to spend some time doing little light exercises even when you are busy. For example, walking, swinging your arms, stretching and other simple movements. Many a little makes a mickle, you will feel the differences.

Moderate exercises allow our body to have better metabolic processes so that the toxic substances in our body can be expelled through perspiration. Thus, our body image and complexion will become much better and healthier. When you are having exercises, remember to drink water to stay hydrated as well!

With a tender heart, a care in the little details can make a change. With nutritious and balanced diets and natural skin care products, your beauty wishes can be fulfilled with just a little determination!

Remember, the only way to have healthy and beautiful skin is to persevere through your way. Let’s begin your beauty journey today!